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„100K EVENT” 100.000 LEI GTD

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19-22 Iulie  “100K EVENT” 100.000 LEI GTD 


  • BUY-IN: 500+50 lei / 30.000
  • Fise BONUS: 5.000 UNTIL START 
  • Late registration & Re-Entry 8 nivele Nivel : 30 min in zilele de start si 40 min in Day 2 & Final Table
  • În zilele de start se joacă 12 nivele
  • ZIUA 1A – 19 Iulie – ora 19:00
  • ZIUA 1B – 20 Iulie – ora 19:00
  • ZIUA 1C – 21 Iulie – ora 19:00
  • Ziua 2 și masa finală – 22 Iulie, ora 15:00
  • 🇷🇴 Licenta ONJN RO1346L000318 / 29.08.2013



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  •  Starting July, 16  2018,
  • Our club organizes FREE COURSES FOR POKER DEALERS !
  • These will be held in the club, on the 4th floor of the COCOR Store and will be held for a period of 30 days.
  • The best students will have the opportunity to join our club! Subscriptions can be made by SMS at no. 0728.055.035 or by e-mail to
  • We are waiting for you and we want you good luck !        

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                                                    Spin & Win is playing Texas Hold’em

  • Number of players: 3 – Can not play Spin & Win with more or less 3 players;
  • Buy-ins at Spin & Win can be: 50 lei, 100 lei, 150 lei and 200 lei. Buy-ins are set by the club at the beginning of the game by displaying them at the table;
  • This game does not charge the Tournament Fee!
  • After the players have settled on the table and paid the buy-in, the game can begin. The Dealer, tournament manager / person designated by the Club, turns the Spin & win wheel, which has to complete at least two complete races to validate the result. Set the wheel to the position that indicates 20x and is routed by the Club Representative in such a way that the Wheel performs at least 2 races.
  • The position at which the wheel was stopped next to the cursor is the value of the prize to be won by the winning player at that table! Example: If the wheel stops at a 2X position, the winning player of the respective round will win the game with which the game started, multiplied by 2 – At a buy-in of 100 lei, the winning player of the round, will win 2 x 100 lei, or 200 lei!
  • Once the prize has been determined, the Texas Hold’em game can start and continue until one of the three players wins that round!
  • The number of chips is 1500 chips indifferent to Buy-in. Blinds at 4 minutes, the first Blind 25/50, 50/100, 75/150, 100/200, 150/300, 200/400.
  • There are 64 positions on the wheel, as follows: 55 positions of 2X (of which 3 are Bonus), 6 positions of 4X, 2 positions of 8X and 20X position. In any position where the wheel stops next to the cursor, it determines the value of the prize according to Buy-in (Examples: At a 100 lei buy-in, if the wheel stopped at the 2X position, the prize will be 200 lei; off at 4X position, the prize will be 400 lei, if it stopped at 8X position, the prize will be 800 lei and if it stopped at the 20X position, the prize will be 2,000 lei!)
  • The positions enrolled on the Spin & Win Wheel with Bonus 1, Bonus 2 and Bonus 3, work only after the bonus has been announced, beginning with Game # 101.
    1. For $ 50 buy-in games, no Bonus is granted;
    2. The accumulated bonus is awarded for buy-in games of 100 lei, 150 lei and 200 lei
    3. Bonuses accrue as follows:
      1. For buy-in games of 50 lei, ALL-IN accumulates 2,50 lei for each player, 7,50 lei / game;
      2. For buy-in with 100 lei, 150 lei and 200 lei, ALL-IN accumulates 5 lei per player, 15 lei / game;
    4. The accumulated bonus was awarded starting with Spin & Win 101. Basically, when implementing the Spin & Win game, it will begin counting each game and accumulated amounts. The number of games and the accumulated bonus will be displayed every day within the club, on the Facebook page and on the Club’s website. In game number 100, it is announced that the accumulated Bonus has been awarded and the amount accumulated at that time. Once the bonus has been started, the games and accumulations of money will continue to count until you earn the accumulated bonus. Once the Accumulated Bonus has been won, games counting up to 100 games begins and the progressive accumulation bonus begins.
    5. On the Spin & Win wheel there are 3 positions that have a 2X winning stake at which Bonus 1, Bonus 2, and Bonus 3 are written. Until the bonus has been announced, starting with the game 101 at the start of the Spin & Win or Last Assignment of the Accumulated Bonus, the respective positions, if the cursor rolls, stops right, indicates the amount of Prize to be awarded, ie 2X Buy-in of the game;
    6. After the Grant of the Accumulated Bonus has been announced, starting with the 101 game, the positions are as follows:
      1. When the cursor points to Bonus 1, the accumulated bonus is awarded to the winner of the respective game for 100 lei, 150 lei and 200 lei buy-in.
      2. When the cursor indicates BONUS 2. The accumulated bonus is awarded to the winner of the respective game, for Buy-in of 150 lei and 200 lei
  • When the cursor indicates Bonus 3, the accumulated bonus is awarded to the winner of the respective game, for Buy-in of 200 lei.

Basically, after announcing the start of the Accumulated Bonus Gun, for each 200 lei buy-in game, players have 3 chances to win the Accumulated Bonus at 150 lei buy-ins, players have 2 chances to win the Bonus accumulated at 100 lei buy-ins, players have a chance to win the Accumulated BONUS.


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