Why „get” the network All-In Poker Club?



All work is already done

• You do not have to go through the cumbersome steps needed for a new business.

• Do not waste time, you do not waste money

• Do not embarrass yourself to various problems inherent in any beginning.

• We provide you with all the experience gained over time, and we also engage you directly with you to make your business work.

You buy a turnkey business

• The system works because the business has proven profitability.

• The Investor / Franchisee – Buys a ready-made business, only good to use, keeping the risk to a minimum

You buy a highly sought-after business on the market

• Poker clubs are starting to grow in Romania, there are many business related news that can determine the success of your business

Full assistance in all areas of business, marketing, training, free advice, tips, ideas, plans, research and any other requests from the franchisee

• Support in all these areas gives the franchisee facilities that no business starts from scratch.

• In addition, you benefit from inaugural assistance and full staff trainingBenefits the „previous”

• Get all the necessary means for a business success: tested and functional poker tables from all points of view, playing cards, cards, personalized uniforms, slots, meaning a functional system or a turnkey business

Promotion campaigns

• You benefit from all the promotional campaigns of ALL IN POKER CLUB both in the on-line environment and in the rest of the promotion media: television, magazines, other poker rooms.

• For regional tours, we will surely address your location for organizing and promoting.

Earn money easily

• After learning the secrets of a business, you can earn a great income by engaging and respecting our guidelines. It is much easier to have all the „maps” described step by step.

• In addition to the brand name, the opportunity for your players to participate in large-scale tournaments organized in our locations will constantly attract new and new customers.

• We have all the interest that your business will thrive, so we will be with you all along the contract.

Franchise mode

ALL-IN Poker Club proposes a franchise-based franchise franchise, we are always committed to the franchisee in order to get the most profit and develop a network business.

If someone wants franchising you will need to make a written request stating the following:
• Applicant’s identification data: city (area or region as appropriate)
• A brief description of his or her own experience or anything considered relevant to obtaining the franchise itself
• If business space already exists or not
• If it is necessary to sketch the space
• If we do not have a set of features that will be taken into account in the choice of space
Once the request is received, the ALL-IN Poker Club team will get in touch with the franchise potential and will
Evaluate all aspects of a franchise: the potential of the city (area or region), the potential
the space or spaces presented and many other aspects related to the organization of such a business.

After the full analysis, a written response will be written to indicate whether or not it will be awarded
the franchise, and the results of the evaluations (to have as much franchise-franchise relationship as possible).

The franchise documents

• Structural recommendations and franchise planning (description of the general way of organizing, as well as a set of know-how elements)

• Financial analysis – 5 scenarios (the detailed income and expense plan starting from the weakest revenue estimate)

• Legal franchise documents (full list of documents required for authorization and operation under legal conditions, as well as legal limitations where applicable)

• Operational manual (detailed description of main and secondary activity)

• The franchise training manual (internal regulations, job descriptions, staff assessment, other aspects)

• Marketing plan – franchise (marketing plan at regional or local level to complement the general-national marketing plan)

• The franchise implementation plan (the day plan, the business up to the inauguration of the business)

• Feasibility study of the franchise (the opportunity to open the franchise)

• The franchise technical manual (contains all items used in the franchise: game-size tables, chips, cards, uniforms, etc.)

• Developing the franchise network (if applicable)