Players are expected to maintain a reasonable level of goodwill at all times. The standard rules for poker behavior will be implemented. All in Poker Club staff may impose discretionary sanctions from a verbal warning to exclusion from Cash Games tables.

Showdown – Players are required to protect other players at any time. Therefore, if they are in one hand or not, players can not:
Reveal the active hand or folded (thrown) content.
To advise or criticize the game before the action is completed.
Assume the value of a hand that was not exposed.
Discuss hands or strategy with any of the viewers.
Search for or receive any consultation from an outside source.
The „one hand a hand” rule will be applied.
Exposure and discarding – Players who show the cards of a player who has folded his cards may receive a penalty. Dealers are instructed to keep these cards out of the muck and show them to the whole table when the hand is completed. Players who do so repeatedly will be penalized.
Collusion – Poker is an individual game. Soft play, chip dumping, etc. will not be allowed and may be subject to sanctions.
Violation of Behavioral Standards – Repeated violations of behavioral norms will result in sanctions imposed by staff. Examples include, but are not limited to, unnecessary touching of other players’ cards or chips, delaying the game, repeating repeatedly, spreading chips, deliberately betting out of the dealer’s range, or excessive comments. In addition, excessive celebration through exaggerated theatrical gestures, inappropriate behavior, physical actions, inappropriate gestures or behaviors can be sanctioned. These violations also include abusive behavior towards other players ‘playing style and / or others’ criticism of how they played or played.
Vulgar Language – Abuse to other players, All In Poker Club staff, or other staff will not be tolerated. The vulgar, obscene or offensive language directed at any player or staff may result in a penalty. Repeatedly reversing obscene or offensive language can also lead to a punishment.
All participants must behave in a polite and civilized manner during all games, tournaments and play spaces. Anyone who faces inappropriate behavior from another person should immediately contact the staff. This includes, but is not limited to, any player whose hygiene or personal health has become disturbing to other players at their table. Determining whether an individual’s hygiene or personal health is disturbing to other players will be determined by staff who may, at his discretion, impose sanctions on such a player who refuses to remedy the situation in a satisfactory manner for All in Poker Club.
Any player who intentionally breaks, bends, damages the cards will be removed from the game and penalized with 50 lei. If the player believes he has been treated incorrectly, the problem should be discussed with the staff immediately.
All in the Poker Club and / or staff may discretionally sanction any act that is inconsistent with official rules or the best interests of the game.
If a player is allowed to return to the table after a disciplinary action, there will be no refund on any antes or blind collected, the usual missed blind rules will apply for that game.
All in Pokar Club reserves the right to refuse gaming services for anyone at any time.
All in Poker Club reserves the right to prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
All in the Poker Club is not responsible for any monetary or player discrepancy.
There is no transfer of responsibility. In case of theft or natural disasters, All in Poker Club will not be responsible for coins, money, or for loss of personal property.
All in Poker Club is not responsible for the behavior of its patrons or any resulting consequences.

Any player wishing to sign up for any cash game will need to register in the All in Poker Club database.
Players can leave the game and play in the conditions set by the organizer, within the limits of the rules of the game.
A player who has left the table for more than 15 minutes (or if the table is closed while he is out) will have the chips removed from the game and stored by the staff if there is a waiting list for that table. The files will