• TABEL turnee



    »The poker club is non stop open. Tournament entry fee is 10% of the buy-in, but not less than 15 RON. The fee to enter inside club is 30 RON (according to Law 124/ 29 May 2015). Accumulated pot rake applied is 9%. There will be no rake taken from the guaranteed prize pool. The prizes are guaranteed for at least 12 players at start. Otherwise, the tournament will start with no guaranteed prize pool.
    » Players speak only when their turn comes. Bet or Raise action must be announced as both verbal and action and value! Each player will act only when is his turn !!!
    » It is forbidden to any intended action „out of turn” (Fold, Check, Bet, Raise and including the player to leave the table before his turn in the game). If the claim is „out of turn”, the action remains valid, player being penalized REQUIRED two-handed sit-out. The player who was interrupted by the „out of turn” has all options open:
    a) Check or Fold oblige the player who acted „out of turn” to preserve the action
    b) Superior Bet oblige the player who acted „out of turn” Call, Raise or Fold (chips remain in the pot)
    c) Lower Bet oblige the player who acted „out of turn” Call (partially withdraw the chips in the pot), raise or fold (withdraw chips in the pot)
    d) Raise allows the player who acted „out of turn” to use any of the possible options.
    » Action out of turn may be charged with a sit-out with both hands to a round table. Repeated violations can reach up to the player’s disqualification from the tournament. In situations where a player does not take action when his turn, there can be situations where he can lose the right to act.
    » Agreement between two players to play „Check” is not allowed. In case of checking the flop, turn and river players are required to show their cards (starting with the first player after the button). In case of check on River after minimal action held in their hand, the last player to act is the first to show cards. If the player who created the last action folded into the muck and the players involved in the hand require Dealer to show its books, the Dealer is obliged to turn the cards (even if they have reached the MUCK, but still can be identified). If the hand is completed, the result can not be returned by the Show-Down. Disclosure of „live” hand before the betting is over, is forbidden, players being penalized with a round table on the first mistake (hand will play passive ), and the next mistake will result in the loss of that hand (Fold – if the player is all-in and elimination from the tournament).
    » Players must keep their cards in sight at all times. Cards will not be covered by hands so as not to be visible. The cards will be kept permanently on the table.
    » Large denomination chips will be held so as to be easily visible (in front); tokens are kept sorted by denomination. During play or pause, players are not allowed to go with the chips on the table. „A player is not allowed to look at folded cards, burned, or cards left in the deck. Dealers are not allowed to show what cards would have come.
    » At Freeze out tournaments type, players can make a Re-Entry to Level 3.
    » Speaking other languages besides Romanian and English during the game is prohibited.
    » The player always has the obligation to protect the cards. If one or both of the player’s cards are exposed to other players or third parties, it will be considered Fold. „String-Raise” (submission chips into the pot with the help of several movements) is not allowed.
    » A single chip thrown into the pot that has a denomination greater than the stake is considered Call; two or more chips thrown in a single action can be considered Raise if they are greater than or equal to the minimum bet accepted at the time, otherwise it is considered Call. We recommend verbal announcement of desired action before its physical realization.
    » Talking on the phone during a hand is not allowed. This can be tolerated only if it does not confuse or delay the game.
    » The player must be on the chair when cards are dealt, otherwise it is considered Fold. If the player arrives at the table until the last card is dealt by  Dealer, it is entitled to play that hand. The player is not allowed to ask to see the cards. Table Dealers and referees are obliged to respect and enforce the rules impartially; their decisions must be above all in the spirit of the game (i.e. if a player has generated a prohibited action but the dealer believes he did it either unintentionally or due to ignorance or regulation, the dealer may choose to give a verbal warning and he/she will inform the player that rule applies and what’s correct action).
    » Dealers’ mistakes can not be punished by players and may not be cause for injury or violence of any kind. Dealers’s mistakes will be sanctioned by the club on line salary or termination of employment contract.

    Management’s decision is final!